bathroom leakageThe reason of bathroom leakage, is the defect in pipes and taps which may appear the leaks. Generally if you have flats and, water flow is coming from the upward room then obviously, the leaks have came in your taps. But you don’t have to worry about this, our experts are present to perform this work. Through modern chemicals and cement the water flow coming from the hole in the taps can be stopped. In other case, after changing bathroom floor it is necessary to do proofing once. After this the owner of the house gets relaxed for 4- 5 years, or even more years. This chemical is applicable twice, once when the first coating applicable is done and then in 2 – 3 hours another coating is applied. From which your bathroom gets protection from leaks for years.

Toilet leakage

A toilet usually leaks at the bottom. This is dirty water right from the bowl of the toilet. The water damages the flooring of the bathroom and reaches the ceiling if the bathroom is located upstairs. Damaged wax ring is the common reason for toilet leakage from the bottom. The bathroom leakage repair plumber will remove the toilet, extract the old wax ring and install the new one. This task takes some hours to complete. Toilet leakage may also occur due to rusted or loose tee bolts which are not being able to secure the toilet tightly to the floor. The tee bolts are connected to the toilet flange. They are either tightened or replaced.

Bathtub leakage

Bathtub leakage is usually caused by a leaking faucet or tub drain. The bathroom leakage repair plumber will either repair or replace the faucet in case of faucet leakage or repair the drain assembly if the problem is with the tub drain.