roof insulationTo build a building, roof insulation is very necessary, building construction, insulation, through different types of walls, roof and floor to reduce thermal energy transfer is included as a source. In the summer season it helps to keep to cool the internal space heat. In Summer the air conditioner keeps cool the empty spaces of thermal energy. In the building construction, chemicals and mineral content are used, which are especially used for roofs and floors.

Whether old building, new building or roof renewal, with a rafter insulation the tile roofing is already integrated to our system. Step by step the insulating system is applied together with the roof cover. Other usual and costly constructions are no longer required. Thanks to the interlocking system of the elements no thermal bridges and joints can arise and therefore a windproof protection is also guaranteed roof insulation.

Rain and wind, these weather conditions can cause that it becomes wet even underneath the roofing tiles. This humidity is drained by a water dispersion system to the gutter. Herewith is guaranteed that no water can penetrate even with defective or missing tiles.