When we build any new building, then it is necessary to do roof waterproofing in it. One building or in its structural elements of complete empty places, we use roof waterproofing to prevent from water intervention. Our experts use the best chemicals for the work of waterproofing. Waterproofing contains an elastic rubber material which is used in the water foundation, roofs, walls and basements for water prevention system. damp proofing is a gaseous state water vapor is designed to resist moisture flow, it is applied internally, upward, downward and levels.

SMART CHEMICAL WATERPROOFING’S Commercial Division specializes in servicing the waterproofing needs of general contractors on large and medium sized commercial sites. Schools, hospitals, office buildings, apartment complexes and parking garages are among the many types of structures (we) work on.

SMART CHEMICAL WATERPROOFING’S Residential Division has been coating foundations since 1985. We have the expertise to solve any waterproofing challenge you might need to address when building your new house, development, mixed use and light commercial buildings or addition. We not only feature North America’s # one brand, Tuff-N-Dri, we are also highly skilled, certified applicators of sheet and fluid-applied waterproofing membranes.